Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Left-wing "Hit List"

Oh I bet the left will be up in arms claiming now that I am advocating violence against the poor defenseless socialists feeding on the billions of dollars we send them through our taxes. Violence? Never. But these are the people we need to watch out for and and dispell their crazy arguments:

1. David Suzuki - who believes anyone who disagrees with him on global warming should be thrown in jail
2. Al Gore - the great "inventor" of the internet - has this guy ever made a factual statement?
3. The U.N. - gives a voice to anti-democratic, anti-freedom advocates, it provides legitimacy to tyrannical despots.
4. Avi Lewis - Our tax dollars funded this man's career of disparaging capitalism and promoting socialist orthodoxy at the CBC, now works for Al Jazeera
5. Naomi Klein - Publisher of such extreme propaganda as "Shock Doctrine" and "No Logo" - predictably all class warfare arguments. Ironic how she decries capitalism, yet has no problem making herself million in the capitalist system by bashing it.
6. Linda McQuiag - This woman makes money through the exploitation of the death of our soldiers. You can see my thoughts here.
7. David Miller - This man would tax oxygen if he could, just to suck more money up for his pet projects
8. Jack Layton - Federal clone of David Miller, wanting to ban handguns that would cause crime rates to skyrocket. That's right, leave weapons in only the hands of criminals and make citizens completely helpless.
9. The CBC - since when should the government be competing against it's own citizens (the ones that invest in private media)?
10. I'll leave the 10th one for people for people to write in about...

...11. On a personal note, Susan G Cole is on my hit list because I debated with her this morning on AM640's John Oakley Show. You can check out my thoughts on the debate at the Western Standard.


Glen Arthur said...

The Toronto Star. Can't believe that they endorsed the Liberals BEFORE the election was even called.

Jeremy said...

CNN. I never realized how in the tank they are for the Democrats until I was scrutinizing the coverage of the U.S. primaries and subsequent election process this time around, compared to previous years.

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I was at Buddies tonight, and I thought it was courageous for you to have attended when everyone else was pretty much not on your side.

It as strange for me as I was drawn to attend because I wanted to see what the discussion would be like given some of your views reported through the news.

However, I left feeling kind of being sided with you. Not for your beliefs, as I do not at all find myself with the same world view, but I stand for your right to have them, and express them.

Later afterward when small groups broke up I started speaking and was shut down by someone who is on the extreme left. It actually was a very upsetting exchange, and I left thinking I'd rather stand side by side with someone with whom I may disagree with, but values the ideas of free speech, and reasonable discussion.

Kudos for you for attending.

Copywryter said...

Can't you be conservative without being angry and strident? Same goes for people on the left.

Relax, stop shouting, be polite.

Those should be your 'principals'.