Friday, October 3, 2008

Post Debate Hangover - South of the 49th Parallel

While live blogging about the Canadian Debate for the Western Standard, I was flipping over to the Vice Presidential Debate.

This was a make or break for Sarah Palin after some shaking interviews with the mainstream media.

Watching the debate, it was clear she didn't have the Washington, DC insider experience compared to Joe Biden. But that was the whole point of her nomination! John McCain is the one on the ticket with the experience. He will be her mentor. She is smart, savvy, and has common sense. What she lacks in Capitol Hill experience, she makes up for in her maverick style of putting the average voter first. Unlike "nuanced" (code for pansy) left-wing Democrats, she won't sell out Western Civilization to the likes of Russia or Iran. She exemplifies American exceptionalism in her positive outlook on the future and the ability of Americans to weather through the Wall Street financial crisis.

I wouldn't say she won the debate, but the standards of measuring success for both Biden and Palin were completely different. Biden came across as poised, and knowledgeable, without being condescending to Palin. Palin came across as relateable and authentic in speaking to the average American voter.

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