Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Snapshot of Mayor David Miller’s Socialist Kingdom

The Havana Star, oops I mean Toronto Star actually put out a pretty damning snapshot of the current state of affairs in the city of Toronto, and it is not pretty. No doubt, their left-wing pundits will use this as a rallying cry about how Harper is ignoring the city’s plight, maybe another chance to scream “George Bush!” Here are some of the most damning findings:

All of those bike lanes Miller is building must be making people healthier? NOPE.
• 43.8% of Toronto adults reported being overweight or obese, compared to the region’s obesity level of 10.6%.
• Toronto has the highest urban rate of Type 2 diabetes in Ontario

David Miller says the city’s public finances are well managed and sustainable? NOPE
• In the past 5 years city spending has grown and average of 6.7% while revenues grew 5.6%.

The City is a welcoming place of opportunity for new immigrants? NOPE.
• Recent immigrants are faring worse than those who arrived five years earlier are. The median family income of the region’s recent immigrants in 2005 was $46,203; half of the average Canadian born family. This is 7.3% less than in 2000.

Is Toronto is prospering under David Miller and Dalton McGuinty? NOPE.
• Toronto’s unemployment rate is 7.87% increasing from 7.51% in 2006. It’s also higher than the provincial rate of 6.4%
• Full-time jobs decreased and part-time jobs increased

Liberal, progressive, caring Torontonians must be giving to help solve all the social problems they cry about? NOPE.
• Torontonians are 5.8% less likely to give to charity than the provincial average. In fact, that is 2.6% less than a decade ago.

But all of that wonderful cultural spending, social programs and regulations means people feel a better sense of attachment to Toronto? NOPE.
• 58.2% of Torontonians reported a strong or somewhat strong sense of belonging to their community – the LOWEST of any Canadian city outside of Quebec. The Canadian average is 64.2%.

Now I hope most Torontonians can see what is staring them in the face, greater government is making for a city whose citizens feel less of an attachment to it. But then having a higher likelihood of being unemployed and making less money would do that to anyone.


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