Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Was on AM640 Talk Radio this morning with John Oakley. We had a great discussion about what transpired over the weekend. We discussed why handgun bans don't work, the horrible problem of identity politics and political correctness in our system, and Human Rights Commissions and Hate Speech Laws about how they suppress freedom of expression, and free speech. I'm just waiting for my call to be hauled before these Kangaroo Courts after my postings.

I see Andrew Coyne was right on the money in his analysis of the election campaign with regard to the Mainstream Media. Let's see, so far the most substantive issues in this campaign have been a puffin, reporters wanting to know what kind of vegetable the Prime Minister could be, and SHOCK that candidates had opinions and a life previous to becoming a candidate. I dunno, I thought maybe elections might actually talk about foreign policy? High Gas Prices? Third world living conditions of natives due to big government control? Maybe the suppression of free speech at the hands of Human Rights Commissions? Oh right, I forgot we are supposed to walk on egg shells and avoid real discussion.

John Oakley open up the lines to have callers onto the show. It was fantastic to hear the people voicing their support. Thanks guys! Stand tall conservatives we are on the right side of the issues! I've been invited back for Thursday, and possibly on election night to discuss the election results as part of a panel.

Tomorrow I will be on the Michael Coren show as part of panel discussing this past week of news stories. Check it out!


Henry said...

Hi Chris! Delighted you are back!! I support you! Keep up the good work.


Ti-Guy said...

Glad to see another loony libertarian is blogging. We can never get enough of that, can we?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris
If you are going to use terms like "castrated and effeminate" I would strongly suggest you get a new "hair do" and "look" ummm your "style" is making you look "castrated and effeminate"

an amused west coast lesbian

Chris Reid said...

great wecanalltwinkle, another boring ad hominem attack by a liberal *yawn*.