Monday, September 22, 2008


Ah yes, what an incredible few days it has been. The saying is true, 24 hours is a lifetime in politics. One second you're shaking hands with the Prime Minister and on the blackberries of the campaign staff, the next day you can't get called back. Why? For articulating conservative principles. Which I will continue to promote.

This is where political correctness has gotten in this country - a Conservative Party that is affraid to proudly be conservative, and a media that can't be bothered to analyze anything. The media is simply focused on the "gaffe" this caused the campaign, with no analysis of what I actually said. So don't worry liberals, there is no hidden agenda to the Conservative Party, because it has sold it's soul to the MSM, you can freely vote Conservative and still have your ever expanding nanny state!

So thank you to the Liberal bloggers for liberating me to be able to express my political thoughts. I could never have gotten this attention without you. And thank you to the outpouring of online support from people I have never even met, from the Western Standard, to conservative bloggers. Plus not to mention a great 580CFRA poll, I wager 64.9% would have also been the percentage of votes I would have gotten in Toronto Centre if I was still the candidate!

So now time for a rebuttal to Mr. BigCityLib:

Gun control: It doesn't work. There is no research that proves it does. The facts are clear, it increases crime. Simon Fraser University professor Gary Mauser finds that a year after the British obediently surrendered 160,000 legal handguns, London muggings were up 53 percent, gun murders up 90 percent and robbery up more than 100 percent. By the year following, annual gun crimes overall had risen 39 percent.

This pattern has continued. The rate of violent crime in England and Wales is more than double the United States. It is now more dangerous to walk the streets of London than New York.

On top of that, British Olympic shooting teams are now forced to practice their sport in another country! This is doubly absurd, for it discourages establishing positive role models for how firearms should be used.

In contrast, during the last decade, violent crime has dropped 40 percent in the United States as the number of firearms and states with concealed carry permits have increased.

Do a bit of research, you'd also notice peace loving Switzerland, neutral country, even has COMPULSORY gun ownership for males. I dunno, haven't really heard of Switzerland having the reputation as being a lawless "every man for themselves" society.

In getting rid of the handgun ban in Washington, DC (a ban which did nothing to lower their crime rate), it was women's groups and gays that led the charge to overturn the ban.

Look at the arguments of taxpayer funded, left-wing women's groups and GBLT organizations such as EGALE. They are anti-freedom and constantly argue for government handouts, which increases their dependent on the state. That is not empowering to women or sexual minorities. I'm not sure where the logic is in how that is progress for women. So I've gained sexual freedoms as a gay man, now according to liberals I owe them so much that they are allowed to forever dip into my wallet and tax an ever increasing amount of my money? Gee thanks.

So no, I'm not sexist. I would really love to hear a rationale for how I could possibly be homophobic, meanwhile being a gay man. By the way, I love some of your poster's comments, like the ones that say because I'm gay and conservative I must be confused. Now there is an insulting comment, saying that my sexuality must define my politics instead of my brain. Ad hominem attacks such as you and your posters write, highlight how juvenile liberals have become. These guys can't muster up any intellect to discuss an issue. It requires far less brainpower to yell "hatemonger!" or "nutter!"

We do have a serious issue in this country of people who decide to depend too much on collectivist identities for their own identity. If there isn't a specific person to blame, it's "the system". The "system" is either "racist", "homophobic", or "sexist" - ie, the white, straight alpha male. Well here, I will claim my victim status, I'm the victim of political correctness gone wild! Do I get my government handout now? Maybe a taxpayer funded Human Rights Commission Complaint for political persecution?

As for natives, it's government that created the misery that natives are in, they live under complete socialism on reserves. There is the real life example of left-wing, anti-freedom liberalism/socialism at work- government dependence and 3rd world living conditions. Luckily some native leaders are getting out of the game and embracing capitalism and it's having an amazing result. I know it's hard to comprehend for BigCityLib and other liberals, talking about freedom, capitalism, personal responsibility as being good things does sound "bizarre". Wanting people to be independent of the state would seem "nuts". While I will make it very simple for you BigCityLib: If solving societal problems was as simple as writing government cheques or passing another regulation, problems would have been solved by now in the thousands of years of history we have of government existence in the world. But liberals are still waiting for the Messiah, like an Obama or Trudeau, to lead them to the socialist promised land, of money without any personal responsibility. You'll have better odds playing the lottery.


Jeremy said...

Chris, thanks for expressing your honest views on concealed carry. I concur wholeheartedly It is a breath of fresh air to see someone actually speak their mind without regard for being politically correctly.

Unfortunately, what the gun control folks will never admit is that criminals do not follow laws, so any legislated gun laws will only hurt law abiding citizens, not criminals, who by nature, do not obey laws.

It is very sad to see another school shooting today, this time in Finland. But it begs the point - why is it that public shootings almost always occur in gun-free zones like schools? Do you ever see public shootings at a firing range or a gun show? Nope. It's like gun-free zones are a magnet for these cowardly killers. If you look at the church shootings last year in the U.S., you may recall that it was finally stopped by a parishoner who had a concealed handgun on her. Had she not been armed, the death toll at that church would have been enormous.

It has been widely shown in John Lott's very detailed and articulate academically statistical book, "More Guns Less Crime" that allowing citizens to carry handguns do lower crime. For people who may doubt this, I'd encourage you to read the book and then form your own conclusions.

Anyway, Chris, it's great to hear a fresh voice for responsible gun ownership. And while the liberal Toronto media may have enjoyed giving you a hard time, know that there are many of us out there who support responsible gun ownership, and we are not your stereotypical gun owner (I am Asian, have a family, am in a managerial white-collar job for a Fortune 500 company).

Mark Wickens said...

Toronto Center voter here who's glad you are still speaking out. I disagree with you on abortion, but the rest of your views are a welcome contrast to the mind-numbing and pervasive leftist, statist dogma that passes for Canadian political philosophy.

Shaftesbury said...

You may be gay, but you are not a conservative.

Classical Liberal, perhaps. Libertarian, sure. Conservative, no.

Unless you self-identify as an American, that is.

I see nothing you espouse as being Macdonaldian in any way, shape, or form.

You are an woefully uninformed and - in my opinion - a fraud and a charlatan. You are NOT the victim of "political correctness." You ARE a victim of your own delusions.

Good riddance to bad rubbish I say.

Reality Bites said...

Mr. Reid, a couple of days ago your opinions mattered to those who oppose them. Now, however, you're just another crank with a blog.

I am, however, thoroughly enjoying the pasting you're getting over on FreeDominion. Make common cause with virulent gay-haters, you pretty much deserve what you get.

Anonymous said...

" I would really love to hear a rationale for how I could possibly be homophobic, meanwhile being a gay man."

When you use terms like "effeminate" in a fashion that would suggest that it isn't acceptable or normal on a male population that has been referred to as "effeminate, sissy, queer and fag) I think it can be interpreted as Homophobic.
An individual can be homophobic whether they are straight or queer but , it is just even more tragic when a queer person is homophobic.

an amused west coast lesbian

Kalim said...


Have you heard of the American gay gun rights organization the Pink Pistols? They now have a Canadian branch in BC. Their motto: "Armed gays don't get bashed" I think its a great idea!

Guns are an equalizer; the primary beneficiary of concealed-carry and expanded gun rights in Canada would be women no longer at a physical disadvantage to men because of their size.

Marcello said...

Wow, I was actually talking about this last year and I agree with Reid 100% on the question of gun control, as a MARXIST. That's right, real Marxists don't support gun control. The one's who do have been tricked by social-democrats. I can't agree with Reid's economics (Kanada socialist?), obviously, but on the gun control he is right on....

BTW I am going to repost some excerpts on my blog if there is any problem let me know.

dunnadam said...

Have you seen the latest ridiculous insert in Xtra? I have a blog and I welcome Conservative viewpoints. I don't believe however that people without a uterus should make laws on pregnancy.

Werner Patels said...

Welcome back. Blogging is nothing to be ashamed about. You should have never been attacked for personal views.

After all, is this the soooooo liberal Canada with its Charter of Rights and Freedoms or isn't it?

Ideas, views, thoughts and expressions of same are free and should never be grounds for silencing "inconvenient individuals".