Monday, October 6, 2008

Former TC CPC Candidate a "Tolerant Urban Red Tory"?

Since I created a new facebook page, I've had to go through and find people again who were friends on my old profile. I was going through the "people you may know" section to find people, and I cam across  the other ousted Toronto Centre CPC candidate Mark Warner, who I did have as my "friend" on facebook.   Now, Mark met with me when he was seeking the CPC nomination back in 2007, to get my advice on the riding since I had previously run for city council. So I was a little surprised that on his facebook page he lowered himself to calling me a "gay fascist from Kingston".

Thank God this man isn't running in politics anymore, since he doesn't even know what a fascist is.  I've constantly defended Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - that all Canadians have an individual right to "Life, liberty, and security of the person".  Free enterprise, consumer-driven healthcare, the right to protect ones self, are all within our individual freedoms in our charter.  Not to mention being in favour of an elected Senate, and expanding democratic freedoms, oh and you know, not liking that aboriginals are forced to live in misery on reserves at the mercy of corrupt band leaders and government that's in cahoots with them.

Why is it, these self-acclaimed intellectuals like Warner and Rae do such a disservice to their intelligence by reducing discourse to yelling "FASCIST!", "WACKO!", "GEORGE BUSH!"? You'd think for their intellectual heft they could muster of something a little more creative.  

Like Bob Rae, Mark Warner has not principles, no values, but is simply an opportunist with a bitter grudge against the party.  If he was a conservative, he wouldn't have jumped ship into the sinking liberal boat.  We have too many of these opportunists, and notice how they all seem to coalesce within the Liberal Party?  That sad thing is, these people spend too much time yelling "FASCIST" they wouldn't even know what a fascist is even if one bit them in their rear end.

Mark, you should also do a little research. I would highly recommend you read New York Times best seller Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning. Fascism and National Socialism Mr. Warner, are products of the progressive movement (ie. the political left) of the early 20th century.   Add me as a friend on Facebook, I'll even let you borrow my copy :-)  You might want to re-think which party you've thrown your weight behind.

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