Sunday, October 19, 2008

Response to Xtra article

Scott Dagonstino, a contributor to Xtra magazine mentioned me in this past week's issue. My response to Xtra is posted below:

I think it is Scott Dagonstino who lives in a Hollywood fantasy with his view towards firearms in his article “Open Season on Homos”- where he referred to me. I couldn’t help but notice the irony of the headline of an article in the same Xtra issue, “Hate crimes laws ineffective – Sentences are no deterrent to bashers”. So there we have it, reliance on government to protect our community does not work.

I would like Scott to put aside his Hollywood images, as well as his emotions and look at the facts of allowing carry concealed weapons (CCW) permits and how they are a proven deterrent to criminals:

After passing their concealed carry law, Florida's homicide rate fell from 36% above the national average to 4% below, and remains below the national average. In Texas, murder rates fell 50% faster than the national average in the year after their concealed carry law passed. Rape rates fell 93% faster in the first year after enactment, and 500% faster in the second. Assaults fell 250% faster in the second year. In fact as the number of firearms owned by citizens has been increasing steadily since 1970, the overall rate of homicides and suicides has not risen. Crime has decreased faster in the 47 states that have CCW permits.

David Miller is advocating a citywide gun ban, and petitioning for a nationwide gun-ban. Let us look at what would happen if that became a reality:

Washington D.C. has essentially banned gun ownership since 1976 and has a murder rate
of 56.9 per 100,000. Across the river in Arlington, Virginia, gun ownership is less restricted. There, the murder rate is just 1.6 per 100,000, less than three percent of the Washington, D.C. rate. In 1968, the U.K. passed laws that reduced the number of licensed firearm owners, and thus reduced firearm availability. Their homicide rate has steady risen since then. Ironically, firearm use in crimes has doubled in the decade after the U.K. banned handguns. Australia and New Zealand have reduce restrictions on firearms after crimes when up. An unarmed population is a helpless population.

If self-anointed GBLT leaders and activists are serious about reducing hate crimes, discussing CCW permits should be on the table for discussion. CCW laws prevent 2.5 millions crimes in the U.S. every year. Every day 550 rapes, 1,100 murders and 5,200 other violent crimes are prevented by just showing a gun. In less than 0.9% of these instances is a gun actually fired. The facts speak for themselves, like the slogan for the Pink Pistols - armed gays don’t get bashed. When will these leaders put their emotions and far-left agenda to the side, and put their GBLT community first?


Chris Reid
"Controversial" former Toronto Centre
Conservative Party Candidate

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Aurini said...

A few years ago, in Hamilton, Ontario, I was sitting downtown when I saw a gay-bashing begin. These two aryan-poster-child guys walked up to an older fellow who'd just left the Gay Bar, and without saying a word started attacking him.

I stepped in, and thanks to my martial-arts training, I was able to chase them off - but not before realizing that grappling when you're outnumbered is a mistake. I took plenty of kicks to the head that night. Thankfully they were only wearing running shoes, but if they'd been wearing steeltoes...

The police didn't show up for twenty minutes, long after they'd fled. The people who are against conceal-carry, who think the cops will look after them, seem to be the type that have never been involved in a situation like this. They don't understand the underlying metrics.