Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slightly Stronger, But More of the Same?


With a rocky world economy Canadians chose to avoid going to the far left, and vote for a conservative party that is too afraid to go right. The final results are as follows:

Party Seats % Vote
Conservative 143 37.7%
Liberal 77 26.3%
NDP 37 18.1%
BQ 49 10.1%

Conservatives are embolden with a stronger mandate. While the media talked about Harper "secretly" wanting a majority, well every party would love a majority. I know the talk of the conservative party was to make gains, because to become the default party will take time. I hope this bodes well for conservative parties in other countries. Here's hoping the Republicans turn things around the in the U.S.! The other clear winner was the BQ that was able to rescue their campaign by latching onto arts trough of federal money, that is funneled to support separatist "artists". The BQ was able to prevent a Conservative majority.

While the NDP gained a few seats, 7 new seats does not match their rhetoric of Jack Layton "applying for the job of Prime Minister". Like the typical far-left they count just showing up as win. This is why you keep left-wing people (ie public school teachers, social workers, daycare workers) FAR away from your children.

But the big loser of the night is Stephane Dion. The seat loss is bad, but it's the loss in votes. What's not being talked about in the liberal mainstream media is the financial mess of the Liberal party. They got 3.6 million votes this time, that's 900,000 fewer votes x $1.75 in taxpayer subsidy, that's $1.575 million less in revenue now. Dion's leadership isn't the crisis, the crisis is financing the party brand.

So what will parliament look like? I think we'll have more of the same. The conservative will continue to move further and further away from conservatism to try to "gain" votes, and spend tons of our tax dollars doing it. While I am happen for a strengthened conservative party, conservative values won't come out of the party, we as Canadians will have to fight to build conservatism outside of the formal political structure. Canadians need to hear why conservatism is positive from other Canadians, and real conservative solutions. Conservatives don't like tax cuts for themselves, but because it enriches the country, and raises our standard of living, and reduces poverty. Talking about poverty is not a left-wing issue. Poverty is a non-partisan issues, its the kinds of solutions that are brought forward that determine left or right wing.

Poverty exists because of a lack of wealth in society, not a lack of government. Governments don't create wealth, free people do, because of their ingenuity and capacity to create and invent to meet the needs of others. It happens the most effectively in a free marketplace.

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